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Susan L. Aten - Clerk

Patricia A. Bokovoy - Deputy Clerk


Phone: 517-485-4063

Fax:     517-485-3276




Voter Registration & Absentee Voting

Voter Registration

Voters may register to vote at the Lansing Township Clerk's Office, Ingham County Clerk's Office, any Secretary of State office, designated State agency, or by mail up to 15 days prior to any election.  Voters who wish to register to vote after that deadline (14 days prior to election and continuing through 8:00 p.m. on election day), can do so, but must appear in person at the Lansing Township Clerk's office and provide acceptable residency verification.  

Absentee Voting

All voters can now request Absentee Ballots!  Get an application at the Lansing Township Clerk's office,, or click here.  Mailed in applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. the Friday before an election if you would like your ballot mailed to you.  Voters can also drop off their application in person at the Lansing Township Clerk's office by 4:00 p.m. the Monday before Election Day and receive a ballot.  Voters may also request to be placed on the Permanent Absentee Voter List.

All ballots, must be signed and received by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Permanent Absentee Voter List

The Lansing Township Clerk's Office maintains a Permanent Absent Voter (AV)  List.  All voters on the Permanent AV List are automatically sent an Absentee Ballot Application for each election scheduled in Lansing Township.  This application must be completed for every election.  This is required by Michigan Election Law in order to have a ballot mailed to the voter.  If you would like to be placed on our Permanent AV List, call the Lansing Township Clerk's Office at 517-485-4063 and request to be placed on the Permanent AV List or complete the Permanent Absent Voter List Request Form.    

Voters on the Permanent AV List should also keep in mind that any address change made with the voter registration will require the voter to re-apply to be placed on the Permanent AV List.  This can be done by calling the Clerk's Office or completing a new form.  

Please click here for further details on these significant changes to Michigan's voting registration with the passage of Proposal 3.  



To verify your registration or track your absentee ballot - click here

Township Ordinances
All Michigan Townships are authorized to adopt non-zoning, police power ordinances regulating the public safety and general welfare of persons and property under Public Act 246 of 1945. Charter Townships, such as Lansing Township, are also authorized to adopt non-zoning ordinances under the Charter Township Act, Public Act 184 of 1943. The Township Rural Zoning Act, enables townships to adopt zoning ordinances. The Clerk maintains the official Township Ordinance Book containing all the duly adopted ordinances of the Township, including zoning ordinances. All Lansing Township Ordinances are also available on-line through Municode.
Election Workers

Election Inspectors Needed

Are you detail oriented, with enough stamina to work a 15 hour day?


Election inspectors are a vital part of the election process.  The Township will employ approximately 50 Inspectors to run the August and November elections.  If you are a registered voter in the state of Michigan, like to get up early, enjoy working with people, are comfortable using a laptop and are willing to attend a 3 hour training class, you might be just the person I am looking for.  Please contact my office at 517-485-4063 for an application or go to Forms and Applications tab at the top of this page to print an application and return it to the Clerk's office.  Election Inspectors are currently paid a daily rate if they work an entire day (6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.) or $12.00 per hour worked.


Thank you for considering this opportunity.



Voters in Precinct 2



The polling location for Precinct 2 has been PERMANENTLY moved to Asbury United Methodist Church, located at 2200 Lake Lansing Road.  Notices will be mailed to all voters in Precinct 2 of the Charter Township of Lansing.  If you have any questions regarding this change, please call 485-4063.

Susan L. Aten, Clerk

Charter Township of Lansing

Precinct Information
Precinct #1 - Polling place: First Christian Church, 1001 Chester Road
Precinct #2 - Polling place: Asbury United Methodist Church, 2200 Lake Lansing Road
Precinct #3 - Polling place: Waverly East Intermediate School, 3131 W. Michigan Ave.
Precinct #4 - Polling place: Waverly East Intermediate School, 3131 W. Michigan Ave.
Precinct #6 - Polling place: Waverly East Intermediate School, 3131 W. Michigan Ave.