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Report A Code Violation

You can report code violations 24 hours a day by calling (517) 485-3510 and giving the information to the voice mail system.  You may also email the Code Enforcement Officer at or the Director of Planning and Community Development at




Abandoned and Junked Vehicles

Junked vehicles visible from a public place or public right-of-way are detrimental to the safety and welfare of the general public, tend to reduce the value of private property, invite vandalism and harm the economic welfare of the Township.


High Grass and Weeds

High grass and weeds can become a fire hazard as well as a breeding place for mosquitoes and rodents.  Consequently, grass or weeds higher than 10 inches are not in compliance with the Township ordinance.  Upon proper notification, property owners will have 7 days to remove the high grass and weeds.  If the problem is not resolved after allowed time period for abatement has expired, legal action could be taken in District Court.


Trash, Rubbish and Open Storage

Typical violations of this ordinance include accumulation of trash, wood debris, building and fencing materials, furniture, appliances, tires, car parts, tree limbs and other related materials.  Residents are asked to bring their properties to compliance by removing such items within a designated time frame.  If the problem is not resolved, legal action could be taken in District Court. 




Mission Statement

The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community members by encouraging compliance with the Code of Ordinances for the Charter Township of Lansing; to enhance the appearance of neighborhoods and business districts to prevent blight, protect property values and enhance economic conditions. It is our goal to obtain voluntarily compliance, whenever possible, by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is the Township’s enforcement arm for the Code of Ordinances for the Charter township of Lansing, which includes: the building codes, fire codes, health and safety codes, zoning codes, and nuisance codes. It is our goal to obtain voluntary compliance from the property and business owners we work with.  In the cases where we are unable to obtain voluntary compliance, the Code Enforcement Officer has the authority to issue civil citations and/or have the non-compliant individual appear in court to answer to violations.

The Code Enforcement Division's first priorities are issues that involve the health, safety and welfare of our community.  We are also concerned with property maintenance issues to ensure the quality of life in our community and maintaining property values.